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Coronavirus update 01 June 2021

'In person' worship in our church building

I am delighted to let you know that we have resumed worship in our building. I have completed all of the 'risk assessments' and we continue to be confident that we can keep each other very safe during these worship times.  Probably helpfully, the 9.00 am service is likely have very small numbers; and so this is the service to encourage those who are understandably anxious to come to. 

Children at 9.00 am / 10.30 am

You are very very very welcome.  We do not have Sunday children's groups at present, but over the past months I have aimed to have a small 5 minute section of the service available to insert if any of you are present.  Did I mention that you are welcome?!

How we are operating through this period
Last updated 01 June 2021

One Big Family

Many people view God as a lonely old man in the sky. Nothing could be further from the truth – the Bible describes God as being like a family of three persons. God the Father, God the Son (who became a man 2,000 years ago), and God the Holy Spirit. This family has always existed – and is the perfect family.

The amazing message of the Bible is that God calls us to be part of his family. If we say ‘yes’, that makes us adopted children in his family.

Our church is not a weekly event that people come to, it is a group of family members. If everyone gathered together at one time there would be over one hundred of us. We are old, young, married, single, divorced, healthy, ailing; and if you scratch deep enough you will find that we’re all more imperfect than we would like to admit. Looking at us we're fairly unremarkable - but God is at work to make us more like the Lord Jesus.

We do our best to support, encourage, teach and look out for each other. We want to be alongside each other when things go wrong. We aim to bring joy into one another’s lives and to equip each other to live as faithful members of God’s family 24/7.


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