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Our MissioN ...Making Disciples

"glorifying God by making disciples"


Why make disciples?

The reason we want to make more and more disciples of Jesus Christ is that disciple making is at the very centre of God’s purposes. He offers salvation so that disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ will spend eternity glorifying him in his presence.


What is a disciple?

A disciple is a learner of Jesus who is becoming like him.

·        We learn about Jesus, we live for Jesus, we become like Jesus

·        We love Jesus for what he has done, what he continues to do.

·        We love telling others about him.

A disciple is a forgiven sinner learning Christ in repentance & faith.


How are disciples made?

It is God’s work to make disciples.

·        He uses People as his fellow workers

·        His word is Preached and Proclaimed

·        There is to be Prayerful dependence on his Spirit

·        His people Persevere.

Who is involved in disciple making?

The people involved in making disciples are everyone!  God gives church pastors to preach, train and equip every Christian to both be a disciple and to be someone who helps others be disciples.


Where does disciple making happen?

·        Disciple making goes on in every corner of our lives.

o   On a Sunday and a Monday – indeed all day every day

o   In formal activity (Sundays, children’s work, Coffee & Cake…)

o   In informal activity (over lunch, on the bus…)

o   With Christians and not yet Christians

o   With people we meet in a church / family / social / work / community context

o   With a personal / local / national / international focus.

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