Serving You

How we are operating through this period
Last updated 01 June 2021

'As the Parish Church of Hanford we are committed to serving God and the village in the power of the Holy Spirit, welcoming all, and by our work and witness seeking to share with everyone the love and care of Jesus Christ'.

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Coffee & Cake

COFFEE AND CAKE at Hanford. Church Cafe is an idea introduced by Lynne Booth, every other Monday 1-3 pm. Come along for homemade cakes, hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. A relaxed atmosphere and a good team of volunteers to make sure you have fun and a pleasurable afternoon. Come along to make new friends or catch up with old ones.The remaining 2019 dates (subject to change) for Coffee Club are :-

Provisiosnal dates for 2020

May 18

Jun  1+ 15 + 29

Jul   13 + 27

Aug 10 + 24

Sep  7 + 21

Oct  5 + 19

Nov 2 + 16 + 30

Dec 7 (Christmas Party)

For more info please contact:

Lynne booth - 07736104507, 01782 312583

Codgers Club

This is an opportunity for older blokes to get together and enjoy each others company.

Are you a 'Senior' gentlemen or do you know someone who might enjoy this meeting?

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Pastoral Support

John 13 verse 34 - Jesus gave his disciples a new command:-
'Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another...'

At St. Matthias’ we have a reputation as a friendly church and the pastoral care of our members is very important to us as we follow the teaching of Jesus, to ‘Love one another’.

The pastoral care often takes place informally, (just knowing that people care for you can be a great support), but we also have organised approach to caring.  We have ...

·  Coffee & Cake club  
·  Codgers club 
·  Service in our local residential care home for the elderly
·  Transport to services
·  Prayer Ministry 
·  A fortnightly Prayer meeting
·  Weekly fellowship meeting

Knitter Knatters

Meets in church on Wednesday afternoons 2 - 4pm. 
Come along and join us for tea, coffee and a good old natter

Knitter Natters is an ideal opportunity for the knitters of Hanford to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to do the two things they love to do - KNIT and NATTER. Don't be put off if you can't knit because the experienced knitters can help you to pick up the skills. This club was first introduced at St. Matthias by Debbie Aitken who thought it would be good to get people together on a weekly basis. The ladies are currently knitting garments and blankets for children in orphanages around the world. The meetings are now run by Lyn Collins, a regular member of the church congregation.

Midweek bible study groups

For anyone wishing to meet midweek there are options for bible study during the day or the evening. Growth groups  provide an opportunity to meet with other Christians to study the bible and share our experiences.


Please contact us for more information.


UTX - Under the Xross - meets every other Sunday evening from 6.30pm till 8.00pm at the Vicarage.  Juice and homemade cake accompanies our study of God's word, trying to grasp what he has to say to help and guide us as we face the many different pressures that come with living in today's society.  We mix eating, drinking and having fun, with getting to grips with some of the tough stuff.  If you're Year 10 or above, you're very welcome to join us. 

More info at 01782 657848 

Introducing Footsteps Cafe

We would like to introduce our new Footsteps Cafe, a relaxed and friendly cafe for the bereaved. 

We intended to launch on April 21st but due to the current situation we were unable to open our doors.  A new launch date will be posted as soon as we are allowed to hold groups again.

We would love to see you.