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We would love to discuss our Baptism services with you.

Thanksgiving and Baptism services for children

We are delighted that you are thinking about asking for God’s blessing on your child. To bring them up within God’s family is the best possible thing that can happen for them.


The Church of England offers two approaches - thanksgiving and baptism. Both are ways of celebrating the life of your child which involve making promises to God with the support of close friends. The main difference is in the extent and depth of Christian commitment that each form of service expresses.


We have a leaflet which sets out the ways we are able to help – come along on a Sunday and pick one up, or contact us by telephone or email and we will gladly send one to you.



Baptism services for adults

It is the most wonderful thing when someone chooses to become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. If that is you, and you have not yet been baptised, we will gladly explain all that is involved so that you can continue and grow in your Christian life.

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